Swarthmore Expands Resources for Low-Income Students


Swarthmore continues to its efforts to support low-income and other disadvantaged students this semester. Shortly before the semester began, the college published a list of administrators, professors, and staff who share experiences that may resonate with these students. The college has also created a summer bridge program for underrepresented students aiming to pursue a degree […]

10 trends shaping real estate in 2019


The 36th annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Urban Land Institute points to 10 changes in the industry that are gaining momentum.  Read more by clicking here. The 18-hour city A phenomenon that began 20 years ago, the “city that never sleeps” applies to more than just the Big Apple […]

Student fair provides foundations for safe off-campus housing


University of Cincinnati students on the hunt for safe, affordable off-campus housing were met by a showcase of valuable resources Wednesday at the second-annual Student Safe Housing Fair in Tangeman University Center.  Read more by clicking here. Eighteen organizations gathered to educate students about their services, answer questions and hand out free items. Participants included […]

A survival guide for fledgling landlords

Student Accomodation

Sometimes, when landlord Leigh Robinson has tenants who are late with the rent, he might send them a cartoon — a gentle jab to remind them to pay up. If that method fails, or if the tenants are complete deadbeats, he might bribe them to move out. Some of his management techniques may be a […]

Thinking About Buying a Rental Property? Read This First


If you’re looking to invest in real estate, but don’t want the hassle of becoming a landlord, then this might be the most important message you will ever read.  Read more by clicking here. Here’s why: I’ve found a way to collect regular rent cheques without buying a single property. Now ordinary investors are using this method to earn thousands […]

How Your Landlord Wishes You Would Treat Your Apartment


Some landlords are an absolute pain to deal with, but have you ever thought of what they think of us? I’m sure tenants aren’t really a walk in the park for them either.  Read more by clicking here. Clean it: Sure, cleaning isn’t all that fun, but a bit of effort every week will greatly […]

Official lays out renters’ rights for Rhode Island landlords


Refusing to rent apartments to students, or anyone 18 or older on the basis of age, and failing to allow reasonable changes to accommodate people with disabilities, are common ways landlords can run afoul of federal and state fair housing laws.  Read more by clicking here. Generally, any rules set by landlords have to be […]

Big Words Saves College Students Big Bucks


No matter what college you’re in or what classes you’re taking, every student in every class asks the same question every semester: “Do I need to buy the book?” In a perfect world, books would be affordable and this question would be irrelevant. Unless I’m missing something, we don’t live in a perfect world and […]

Looking for extra money? Try downstairs


Joy and Dick Moore’s children moved out of the family’s four-bedroom Victorian in New York years ago, but the couple — now retired — haven’t downsized. Instead, in 2014, the Moores listed one of their rooms on Airbnb, a vacation rental website.  Read more by clicking here. Renting out part of your home — particularly […]

Not your parents’ student housing: Luxury Charleston project to open in fall


By this fall, a $35 million 430-bed apartment building at 930 Morrison Drive will open to serve off-campus students, mainly from the College of Charleston.  Read more by clicking here. With waterfront views and community balconies, 930 NoMo’s amenities will include a tanning salon, regulation-size bocce ball court, water basketball and volleyball, cycle center and […]