What Landlords Need to Know for Tax Time


Federal income tax filing season officially began this week.  Read more by clicking here. Though this season isn’t likely to bring cheer, rental property owners have reason to look on the bright side. Landlords actually get many tax advantages that can make the tax pill a little easier to swallow — so make sure you’re […]

Your landlord is not your friend


Purdue’s Student Legal Services held a symposium on landlord and tenant law on Tuesday, in collaboration with Purdue Off Campus Housing and Purdue Student Government.  Read more by clicking here. According to Professor James Gothard, a few things students can do before they decide to sign their lease agreement would be to talk to present […]

How Landlords And Students Can Have The Best Relationship


Knowing how to deal with difficult personalities is always something that will come in handy in this situation, and in life in general. One major thing you can do to ensure an efficient, professional and generally good relationship with your landlord is to be the ideal tenant. Obviously, before anything else, you’re going to want […]

7 Types Of Landlords You Encounter When You Live Off Campus


Not only do rent checks, roommate drama and grocery shopping need to be taken into account, but also arguably the worst of the hassles: dealing with a landlord. If you haven’t yet had the great opportunity of experiencing a landlord, here is a list of seven personalities you can expect to come across.  Read more […]

Is Landlord A Title You Can Live With?


With the economy on the upswing and the real estate market rejuvenated, investing in property is once again on the rise. Acquiring a rental property seems to be on the minds of many real estate seekers, particularly those considering the option of attaining landlord status. Multifamily residences and apartment buildings are doing well not only […]

Students transform leaky bungalow into super-efficient off-campus roost


In April, Purdue University kicked off a three-year undertaking to prove that high-performance dwellings needn’t necessarily be built from the ground up with all the innovative, energy-saving bells and whistles already attached.  Read more by clicking here. Launched in partnership with Michigan-based home appliance behemoth Whirlpool, the ReNEWW House is a living laboratory in the truest […]

The 10 Residents Every Landlord Encounters


In every apartment complex where college students are being housed, landlords will encounter several types of students, both good and bad.  Read more by clicking here. 1. The Needy Resident Maintenance is constantly in this apartment, and you’ve actually memorized their number because they’ve called you so often. While it’s nice to feel needed, the […]

5 excuses that aren’t good enough reasons to transfer colleges


Depending on the circumstances that would make you want to switch schools, transferring might be the right choice for you; however, if any of the five reasons below are factoring into your decision, it could be time to reconsider.  Read more by clicking here. I’m homesick This is a common feeling among students who leave […]

Why Property Investors Are Moving Into the Student Sector

Student Accomodation

Private sector investment in student property has been growing rapidly in the past few years. Once only on the edge of most investors’ radar, it is now a popular and high-value sector that gets plenty of media attention. But just what is making student property so attractive to investors? There are a number of factors […]

Charleston apartment complex to serve off-campus students


A new 430-bed apartment complex catering to college students is under construction on Morrison Drive in downtown Charleston. Read more by clicking here. Steve Helfrich, vice president of business development at CampusWorks, said the complex will serve the off-campus student population at the College of Charleston. Students are expected to move-in beginning in the fall […]