OK, so you found a few place on … PlaceFinder.com ? or somewhere almost as cool. You called the landlord or rental management company and made an appointment to see the place. Get your gear (and your friend – see previous article) ready and let’s go! Wait, where is the list of questions you were going to ask? Following are at least some of the questions that may be important to know the answers and you may have more. Write them down and pop us a note so we can add it for others to see.

  1. Does the apartment come with utilities, which ones? Get specifics
  2. Are you allowed to sublease if necessary?
  3. Are you allowed to have other people live with you / roommates?
  4. What is the repair policy should anything break?
  5. Are you required to have renters insurance?
  6. Are pets allowed?
  7. Are there assigned parking spots?
  8. What is the security deposit and will it be refunded at the end of the lease? It is illegal in many states to not refund the security deposit even it is written in the lease. Normal wear and tear has to be expected.
  9. Does it come furnished? This may not be clear is somebody is currently living there.
  10. When is the rent due and what is the grace period?
  11. What kind of heating and cooling system is there. Heat is usually assumed but don’t always expect to have air-conditioning.
  12. Is the apartment or house pest controlled and when was it last inspected or treated?
  13. Is there a security system or guard on duty and during what ours?
  14. What amenities are available: pool, gym, laundry room, etc.
  15. What kind of redecorations are allowed? Change the paint, hang cabinets, add curtain rods, etc. And do you have to remove / repaint when you move out?
  16. How often is the rent increased? This is usually not an issue if you are only renting for one year, but if you stay longer it is important.
  17. What is the lease term and what if you have to end it early (you get a scholar ship for a much better university)?
  18. How close is the nearest grocery store, laundromat, gym, restaurant, bar, club, mountain biking trail, whatever you are into?
  19. What is the typical noise level in the morning, during the day, in the evening and at night?
  20. Who are the other renters: families with children, professionals, musicians, students, retired folks that like to party all the time? This one could really cramp your style depending on your own preferences and “hobby’s”

Ok, there is more and we will add to the list. Post a comment below with additional suggestions you may have. Good luck!