When deciding to venture out and search for off campus housing, you want to make the most out of your new off campus college house. Choose your roommates very carefully and here are few pointers to consider when deciding who to live with:

1. Choose like-minded individuals who share the same major. If experience has taught me anything there is nothing more annoying than sitting in your room studying when the rest of your friends are “socializing” loudly in your house. While your trying to conquer physics 2 but cannot hear yourself think over chants of “chug, chug, chug” you’ll not only resent your roommates but your grade will suffer as well.

2. Find similar interests. If you are on the soccer team, live with your teammates etc.

3. Ensure those you might live with have a valid source of income. You don’t want to jeopardize friendship due to money complications when they aren’t serving up their portion of the rent. While it isn’t the easiest conversation to have with friends, it will save you from hardship later on.

4. Get your own room. If you are at the point of living in a off campus college house, you need your own room. While freshman year it is new and exciting to get to know one another it tends to be overkill after that. Everyone needs space and even the best of friends can get on each others nerves.

5. Arbitrarily decide who gets what room. You can draw straws or put names in a hat… whatever works.