With the economy on the upswing and the real estate market rejuvenated, investing in property is once again on the rise. Acquiring a rental property seems to be on the minds of many real estate seekers, particularly those considering the option of attaining landlord status. Multifamily residences and apartment buildings are doing well not only on the traditional market, but also at the real estate auction block. Property investors are finding a host of propitious deals at real estate auctions in the quest to capitalize on generating some rental revenue.  Read more by clicking here.

As always, money is at the forefront. Anyone toying with the idea of becoming a landlord must meticulously take into account not only how much they have to invest to purchase a property but also to maintain it.

Something to also bear in mind is the potential for delinquent renters who may need to be evicted, thus creating the risk of lost rental income, eviction charges and possible property damage.

Needless to say, be sure to know your rights as a landlord, eviction laws for your state, and obtain as much information as possible before handing over the keys to a prospective tenant. Also educate yourself on your building and safety codes to avoid lawsuits, and have a solid homeowners insurance policy in place.

wning rental property can indeed be a very advantageous and profitable endeavor when done wisely and with meticulous planning. Just be aware of all that comes with this enterprising venture before you don the title of “landlord.”