3608 Clark Drive Sarasota Florida 34234 United States

Call Ronnie at :
Seaside Management.
Phone # 941-923-6077
Email: seasidemgmt@aol.com
Duplex apartment (upstairs/downstairs) with:
– 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
– Upstairs bathroom
– Kitchen (refrigerator, stove)
– Living room (ceiling fans)
– Central air/heat (filter must be changed monthly)
– Small part of patio (behind kitchen window)
– Onsite parking (driveway, 3 cars max)
– Utilities (electricity, water, sewer, trash pickup) are not included.
– The property surrounding the duplex is the exclusive domain of the onsite landlord and is not for recreational purposes, as it is an ornamental rainforest greenbelt and very fragile.*

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