4bedroom TWIN RIVER COMMONS Spring

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45 Washington Street, Binghamton, NY, United States
(201) 280 - 4013(201) 280 - 4013
(201) 280 - 4013(201) 280 - 4013

I am subletting my bedroom and bathroom in the four bedroom apartment I am living in at Twin River Commons. This facility is a student housing building right across from the downtown arena. I am looking for a sublet for the spring semester which is from January 2015 - July 31, 2015. My roommates are very friendly. Currently, I am a Keystone (leasing associate) at Twin River Commons as well as a student. Unfortunately, I am set to move back home to NJ come the end of december and will not be up here for the spring. The building is gorgeous and provides a wonderful atmosphere. Just a short list of some of the amenities right in the apartment itself: fully furnished, full-size washer/dryer, garbage disposal, full size dishwasher, stainless steel appliances and much more. Rent includes utilities, free wifi and basic cable. Amenities of the building include a 24/7 fitness center, a 24/7 computer lab, a cafe area, a lounge area, a tanning bed, courtyard, study rooms, grills. I can give a complete tour of facility as well as the room you will be renting. If you have any questions or are interested please to do not hesitate to contact me. Call/text my cell phone 24/7 or by email. Thank you!

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