Looking For A Roommate!

2402 E. 5th St Tempe Arizona 85281 United States
I am looking for a roommate to move into my 2 bed, 2 bath condo off of Rio Salado Pkwy and Price, which is located fifteen minutes away from Sky Harbor airport and ten minutes away from ASU by car. There's also close access to both bus lines and the light rail which runs from Mesa to downtown Phoenix. The room that you would be moving into is the smaller of the two, has sliding closet doors, and has it's bathroom located right across the hall. Both the living room and kitchen are decently sized and a great place to entertain company or just relax. The room would be ready to move into by August 3rd. While I do have friends over from time to time, I don't throw parties or make a lot of noise so you wouldn't have to worry about your sleep scheduled being disturbed. I work a job that sometimes requires me to come in late but our bedrooms are located across the condo from each other so more than likely you wouldn't hear me come in. For a roommate I am looking for someone who doesn't mind doing their share of the cleaning, pays bills/rent on time, and helps keeps the common area looking decent. Someone who doesn't throw parties every night but I definitely don't mind if you have friends over. The rent would be $575 for you plus about $100 for utilities every month. I do have a cat named Pepper, she is super friendly but won't bother you unless you want her too! She tends to stay in my room a lot but will roam about the condo from time to time. My landlord does require good credit and a stable job in order to be able to move in. If you think you might be a good roommate match for me definitely let me know! You can email me at Lo_Griff12@yahoo.com or text me at 480-788-3082. Thanks!