New Rules for Online Piracy on Campus

Newest provisions set forth by the Higher Education Opportunity Act threatens to revoke federal funding if the campus does not comply with installing and setting up greater detection technology.   Originally, the worry amongst Colleges and Universities was the funding necessary to monitor all traffic on their campus.   However, the law states that the […]

Top Bands That Formed in College

The college atmosphere seems to spark musical ingenuity as several now-famous rock bands originated in this atmosphere.  The artists vary from Creed to Cold Play and originate from schools all over the country and abroad.  We’ve found a couple of various compilations across the net of ‘Bands that Formed in College’. 1. Huffington Post 2. […]

Textbook rentals will give N.J. college students more options this fall

Starting this fall, students at many New Jersey colleges will have a third option: renting their books.
More than a dozen colleges and universities — including Rutgers, Montclair State, Fairleigh Dickinson, Drew and Union County College — are launching programs in their campus bookstores that will allow students to rent textbooks for one semester for less than half the cost of purchasing them new.