BusinessWeek has compiled their list of highest paid internships this year.  Since the economy is in the state that it is we’ve taken it a step further and found those that paid well AND had a high conversion hire rate (i.e. They hire the interns after the internship terminates).

Topping the list is Accenture, who offers 95% of all interns full time employment positions and pays a decent $21/hr while they are interning.  The downside is that they only take on between 100-200 interns per year (150 planned to be hired this year).

Ernst & Young is another reputable employer who is on track to hire approximately 1800 interns this year and typically pays an average of $22/hr.  They tend to offer 92% of interns a full time position thereafter.

Lastly, with a 90% offer for full time hire rate, KPMG will be taking on 1700 interns this year while paying them the top rate (for our small list here) $24.80/hr.

Honorable mention goes to ExxonMobil paying the highest rate on their list to their interns, $31/hr, and offering about 80% of the 700 full time employment positions.

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