One of the more frequent questions we receive is “What’s the Catch?” or “Will I get charged for my listing?” The answer is “there is no catch and ‘NO’ you will not get charged for your listings!” Here are the steps involved for students and landlords. We also explain how the site is funded.


Step 1 – Register Your Account

To register click the Login button on the home page to the right of latest listings and click the registration link on the login form.

Step One


Step Two

Step 2 – View Dashboard

Once you have registered and logged in click “Account” in the top navigation to enter your dashboard.  Here you can add a new listing, view previously entered listings, leads on listings and more.

View Dashboard


View Dashboard

Students can view your property and contact you through the website. does not get involved in any interaction between landlord and renter / student. PlaceFinder does not charge for this service.

Step 1 – Enter your college or university at “Type Your College or University Here…”

Search On Home Page

Step 2 – When viewing a listing detail page click the “Contact” tab below the housing information.

We do not get involved in any interaction between you and the landlord. PlaceFinder does not charge for this service.

Student Step Two

Placefinder Funding

Some universities pay us for an expanded set of services and branding.


Advertising which you may have noticed in the right column on the listing pages.

“Featured Listings” – landlords may elect to have their listing featured for any or all schools they list.


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