™ is the next logical advancement to market to colleges and universities with an off-campus housing population. What we offer is miles ahead of paper, PDF files, excel spreadsheets, or “For Rent” signs! Its an extremely simple way to provide a space for students and landlords to find and list housing and roommate availability. The™ website provides an up-to-date, effective, one stop location for all off-campus housing listings. What better way to market and rent to students and its completely free.

It’s easy and FREE!

Simply click here to register. You will be able to add listing immediately. To request additional information click here. The service is completely free to you, students and colleges / universities. We will provide ongoing service, support and updates as well as marketing and student information.

New! Featured Listings!

Get Noticed! Feature your property!

We are happy to announce the availability of “Featured Listings”, a new tool for landlords to get their property noticed. When you upgrade your property listing to be featured it is instantly moved to the beginning section of the listings. A red border and background will highlight your listing and “Featured Listing” is displayed in the lower left corner. This feature is designed to give landlords the ability to move their listings up and get more exposure. The cost of a featured listing is $10.00 for 30 days within the school selected. Below you can find an example featured listing and video describing it in more detail. Off-Campus Housing Made Simple

Sign up now or call / email us us today at 888.987.5223 / to learn how you can benefit from™.

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