Going to live off campus? Here are a few things you may need. No, it’s not just “whatever I have in my room at home or in the dormitory”. There are a few more things you may need. This does not cover everything, but it is a start. You may not need everything on this list and there are most definitely a few things missing. However it should get you going. Also, remember that you may be living with some roommates, so not everything on this list is necessary your responsibility. Also, if you are renting a furnished apartment or house, this list gets much shorter. In that case just check off what is already there.

Living Room

__Coffee /EndTable
__TV/Stereo Stand
__VCR/DVD Player

Kitchen/Dining Area

__Table w/Chairs
__Paper Plates/Cups
__Storage Containers
__Toaster/Toaster Oven
__Coffee Maker
__Silverware Tray
__Baking Sheets/Pans
__Cutting Board/Knives
__Measuring Cup/Spoons
__Oven Mitt(s)/Hot Pad(s)
__Spice Rack & Spices
__Tin Foil & Plastic Wrap
__Freezer Bags/BaggiesTM
__Hand & Dish Towels
__Paper Towels
__Can/Bottle Opener
__Dish Rack


__Bath/Shower Mat
__Shower Curtain & Liner
__Toothbrush Holder
__Soap Dish
__Air Freshener
__Toilet Paper


__Patio Chairs
__Electric Grill
__Patio Lights

Cleaning Supplies

__Toilet Brush
__Toilet Cleanser
__Rubber Gloves
__Bathroom Cleaner
__Dish Soap
__Dish Cloth
__Kitchen Cleaner
__Glass Cleaner
__Wood Cleaner
__Floor Cleaner
__Dust Mop
__Wet Mop/Bucket
__Vacuum/Bags or Sweeper
__Laundry Detergent/Bleach
__Dryer Sheets/Fabric Softener

General House/Apartment

__Wall Décor (Posters/Pictures)
__Garbage Cans/Trash Bags
__Window Dressings
__Phone/Answering Machine
__Laundry Basket/Bag
__Iron/Ironing Board
__Extension Cord(s)
__Power Surge Protector(s)
__Message Board
__Duct Tape
__Night Light
__Misc. hand tools
__Holiday decor


__Desk w/Chair
__Alarm Clock
__Air Conditioner/Fan