One thing a lot of students do when renting off campus, is to sign the lease in a very lack-luster manner which can ultimately contribute to your renting demise.  Ok, it’s a bit drastic but you need to consider what your rights are as a potential renter and just what to expect in terms of what you may be responsible for in the end.

Some things to consider:

1. Read the agreement thoroughly and, if possible, go through the whole thing with the landlord.  If they are willing to review it with you then there is a good chance they aren’t trying to take you for anything non-legit.

2. Ensure that the Landlord recognizes the following:

  1. They must provide notice upon entering the premises.
  2. They must keep current with the place of rent financially.
  3. They cannot shutdown the utilities.
  4. They cannot prevent you from having friends visit.  Although this doesn’t give you a free pass for partying as noise ordinances and other laws may apply.

3. You can be evicted if:

  1. You don’t pay your rent or if you are consistently late with payment.
  2. You lied on the application.
  3. You break the law.

4. You are never, in any circumstance, to be subjected to violent harassment or verbal abuse by the landlord in question.