In every apartment complex where college students are being housed, landlords will encounter several types of students, both good and bad.  Read more by clicking here.

1. The Needy Resident

Maintenance is constantly in this apartment, and you’ve actually memorized their number because they’ve called you so often. While it’s nice to feel needed, the constant calls get old really fast.

2. The Partiers

While a party is always a good time, it can get old quick, especially when studying should be getting done.

3. The Extremely Quiet Resident

This is probably your favorite tenant if you had to pick one, and you appreciate their ability to care for themselves without any outside help.

4. The Popular Resident

The more people at a place, the louder it gets, which is always going to end up as bad news.

5. The Foreigners

It might be a little more work, but it usually leads to new discoveries.

6. The Residents That Are Never Home

Not a lot of work, but you’ll always wonder where they are.

7. The Residents That Never Leave

Another instance of not being sure what they’re doing, but at least they’re getting their money’s worth.

8. The Complainers

Sometimes you’ll have to explain that not everything is fixable, and you just have to deal with some things that are out of your hands.

9. The Dirty Resident

This is normal, but it would be nice if they would clean up during maintenance stops.

10. The To-Go People

Always ordering out, at least you won’t have to worry about any problems with the stove.