Purdue’s Student Legal Services held a symposium on landlord and tenant law on Tuesday, in collaboration with Purdue Off Campus Housing and Purdue Student Government.  Read more by clicking here.

According to Professor James Gothard, a few things students can do before they decide to sign their lease agreement would be to talk to present tenants concerning the landlord’s behavior and whether or not the landlord takes good care of their property. Also, check with the city for possible violations of building and health codes, and make sure to take video and pictures of the rental property before moving in and out of the rental unit, in order to prevent being charged for damages you had no part in.

On a more serious note, if one happens to find themselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to pay their monthly rent and are subsequently told by their landlord to get out, legally, the tenant doesn’t have to.

So, before going out and prematurely signing on a lease, the experts advise you to do your homework and to make sure that the lease you’re signing is the best possible deal you can get. Just remember to check the facts, document everything, negotiate before signing and take what your landlord says with a grain of salt.